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Dynac offer a range of Offshore Modules A60 rated to DNV 2.7.1/EN 12079 and DNV 2.7.2 when required. Modules are manufactured in mild steel, shot blasted and painted to specific offshore standards. Stainless steel construction can also be offered as an option. 

Our units can be supplied for Safe area, Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas with certification to ATEX, IECEX and other international standards as required. All voltages and frequencies can be provided making our products suitable for all regions of the globe. Normally our modules are designed to operate in ambient temperature ranges of +40°C down to –10°C. Modules can also be supplied with HVAC systems to operate up to +50°C and as low as –40°C. 

Modules come complete with:

  • Air Conditioning and heating Pressurisation
  • Fire Dampers
  • Fire and Gas detection
  • Purge Panel and Distribution Board Lighting
  • Power distribution
  • PA, IT, Telecoms
  • Furniture as required
  • External Plant recess area
  • Lifting slings and fork lift pockets when requested 

Module type’s available,

  • Offices
  • Tea Shacks/Smoke Rooms
  • Accommodation
  • Temporary Refuge
  • Washrooms/Toilets
  • Workshops
  • Analyser Rooms
  • Laundries 

These are just a selection of the types of module we can supply and for any other applications please contact us and we will gladly provide a proposal for your exact needs.

Dynac are BS EN ISO 9001 registered company as is our subsidiary company North Sea Ventilation Ltd who manufacture all of the HVAC equipment. They are also ATEX and IECEX certified for all the products they supply.